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Retail Security


The EPoS-DVR is a Digital Video Recorder with the ability to integrate up to 4 EPoS Units. This high-spec Hi Def 1080P system offers remote monitoring, and playback of recorded video and EPoS transactions.
This playback function allows the end-user to validate suspect voids, refunds and no sales by integrating video footage with transaction data.  An added feature is its ability to act as an EPoS customer display without the need for camera integration.   

Once a transaction begins, data is generated and sent to the EPOS-DVR from the cash register. The EPOS-DVR overlays this data on top of the normal camera picture and then sends a signal that activates the DVR’s record function. On the monitor screen you will see not only the cashier and the product being sold, but also the price charged by the clerk for that product. This allows visual comparison of the physical items being scanned or inputted into the register, and the actual register data of the transaction overlaid on the video picture. As all of these elements are recorded onto our DVR, the customer can review the scene and verify the legitimacy of the check out, by coupling video footage.

In addition where a customer claims to have paid with a £20 and not got the correct change,the images are that clear that the notes can be clearly seen and therefore solve the question.

Business is about maximising profit, while minimising outlay and our EPoS-DVR can help you achieve that.  Our EPOS DVR is revolutionary in its outstanding capabilities. 

Stock shrinkage during business hours from both internal and external sources is a problem often faced by retailers.  Sometimes shrinkage may be as high as 15 to 20 per cent of volume, having a major negative effect on profits. 
Crimes may range from theft of goods to fraud at point of sales devices.  Detecting and preventing these problems can have a large impact on a stores bottom line.

Whereas in the past retailers may have thought that shoplifting was the only real source of shrinkage they had to worry about, today attitudes have changed.  It may have been true once that losses due to staff actions accounted for only 10 percent of the problem.  Today’s rule of thumb is that there is an equal one-third-each (staff, customers and systems) behind the shrinkage numbers. 

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